A New Coat

I’m so excited about the fresh coats of paint I added to my new little home by the canal. Many of us can handle the task of painting a house or room perfectly. However, a seasoned expert does great work. Unmistakably, the experts have a lot of experience as compared to the standard homeowner, but they also know methods and skills that make them better painters. Here are my best tips for painting rooms so you can give your home your own personal touch.

Clear the floors

man painting a wall

Start by taking everything out from the room. Each painter that we have spoken with had a horror tale concerning the time he did not adhere to the principle. Huge furniture pieces may at times be covered and left and in the middle of rooms that are big. However, if repairing drywall, remove all things from the room. Take away light fixtures, doors, and also hardware, then mark all things using a masking tape. Additionally, spend on dust covers.

It is shocking how well some paint drops may cover the surface. Purchase the best dust covers like paper-supported plastic or canvas. Paint soaks right via bedsheets and fabrics. Plastic siding does well, but it is very greasy and does not absorb leaks.

Getting the surfaces ready

Find and fix dents and cracks

Surprisingly, an old lantern with an exposed bulb secured closed to partition may cause insignificant lumps and or nail taps to jump out. Toto & Sons’ owner Carmen Toto says that he makes use of painter’s putty or light spackle for insignificant dents and crack. He makes use of Paris for dents that are deeper than 1/8 inch. In place of the official tape-and-spackle technique for connecting more recurring tension fractures, Maceyunas makes use of a rubberized splash on a primer. Marred wood needs a somewhat distinctive strategy.

Toto says that you should avoid using spackle on wood. This is because it will not stick. When it comes to marred trim, you should utilize a 2-part wood stuffing or painter’s putty. Smoothen all bumps, repairs, and also nibs using drywall pole sander. If you need walls and better adhesion, some of our experts sand all the walls painted previously irrespective of their shape.

Perform the sanding 2-step

Sanding ends irregularly cracked paint and also offers tooth for the subsequent layer of paint. In case you need a shining trim, utilize a sanding mop instead of a sandpaper. Mops mold to the trim’s shape and are durable as compared to paper. While spreading latex above alkyd chroma or when you are not certain of the real finish, just follow the hand-sanding using fluid sandpaper. This is to ensure the surface gets fully deglossed to avoid variance issues.

Washup walls

man and woman painting walls

Do not paint over dust unless you prefer textured partitions. Wash the partitions using TSP (trisodium phosphate) or a mild cleanser. If the walls are smoke stained, utilize a 50/50 mixture of water and bleach. Make use of two pails to clean a partition. Fill the sponge or rag from the cleaning mixture bucket, and rub. Rinse your sponge in the next pail full of cleaner water before you redip.

Settling In

Now that I’m living in more in my new home in Venice, I’m ready to start making my house my own and painting walls. This means I need to get the right tools for doing the job. One of the tools I plan to purchase is the paint sprayer. When it comes to doing projects myself, I love having tools that help me do the task fast and perfectly. I know many people hate the thought of having to check every product to find the one that fits them. Well, I did a review of some of the best paint sprayers. Here are some of them, please have a look before you go shopping.

0518080 Control Spray from Wagner Spraytech

 Wagner Spraytech

Purchasing a good paint sprayer does not mean breaking the bank. You can get a good sprayer like this one from Wagner Spraytech at an affordable cost. This paint sprayer comes with a two-stage turbine that is ideal for staining and painting projects. This means that once you get this sprayer, you will have the ability to spray different primers, paints, stains, and lacquers. You can use this sprayer to paint and prime decks, door trim, stain furniture or paint cabinets. The turbine has the power to deal with the thick stuff. There is also a changeable flow control function that lets you handle from handling meticulous tasks to huge spray area projects.

Also, this sprayer features an adjustable spew pattern that helps you work on all the different materials in your project. Another feature that will be useful to you as you work is the thickness vessel that is suitable in helping you with measuring the material density so you can adjust the pattern of the spray as required. There are also two huge filters that help to avoid dust from marring your finish so that you can have an even and smooth surface. The twenty-foot air hose allows you to easily keep your spew gun positioned squarely on the surface. The user manual that accompanies this spray helps you to easily know how to use your sprayer.


  • The sprayer is easy to use
  • The spray pattern is adjustable allowing you to achieve the desired finish
  • Allows you to measure density so you can adjust the pattern
  • You can spray different types of projects with this sprayer
  • The hose of this sprayer is long
  • You can control the flow


  • Some users said it is a bit slow

Magnum 262805 X7 from Graco

Magnum 262805 X7 from Graco

This paint sprayer is ideal for heavy-duty projects. The sprayer features a control paint flow that provides you with a completely adjustable pressure so you can have a complete control of the flow of paint regardless of the size of the project that you handling.  If you wish to spray the yard, this sprayer comes with a power flush adapter that you can connect to the garden hose to ensure you spray fast and clean it easily. It also has a piston pump that is stainless steel and helps you to spew paint unthinned and at high pressure. The adjustable suction pipe of this sprayer helps you to spew straight from one or five-gallon paint pail.

Apart from that, this sprayer features a 100-foot hose that allows you to spew multi-story buildings.  While some sprayers do not allow you to continue spraying once the tip is clogged, this sprayer is different. With it, you can continue sprayer by reversing the tip. This helps to save you time.  You might want to get a cordless sprayer for convenience. Check best cordless paint sprayers here.


  • It allows you to continue spraying even after the tip is clogged
  • It is easy to use
  • The sprayer can spew up to the second storey thanks to the long hose
  • The pressure is adjustable
  • It is easy to clean
  • Allows you to spew paint unthinned and at high pressure
  • Allows you to control the flow of paint


  • The sprayer is heavy


A good paint sprayer is the one that you can adjust pressure, it is easy to use, and allows you to control the flow of best. If you did not find the paint you like here, you can check more on top paint sprayer reviews here.

Switching Counties

It is a big culture change to move to a new country. It doesn’t matter if you are shifting to London to study overseas for the year or having a job in Bali forever, the procedure is fully possible. After spending months and years, working hard and remaining patient, finally something is happening. You have a chance to live overseas and have a lifetime adventure that comes only once.  Once you have told everyone about your interesting news, the spirits begin to develop.

While this is an exciting possibility to do stop doing all the things and go around the world, the handling of it, the planning, might be difficult and amazing. However, if you begin to prepare early you will realize that the whole process is achievable. I want to help you start and I have some tips on how to prepare yourself to move to a new country and making it your own.

Save a lot of money

money on a jar

Think about the money it costs to shift all over the country. The next thing is to think of the time you will take to reach the other part of the world. The expenses include but are not restricted t plain tickets, visa application, international shipments, emergencies, and housing. There is a good advice that you should have a saving of six months, this is the least when traveling overseas. Moreover, we propose that you do research on the rates of exchange and the living costs in the new country, and have a budget plan. Get ready to pay unplanned expenses in your initial months.

Renew your passport

Prior to applying for a visa, you need to have a legitimate passport. Other countries need you to have a passport that is valid for around six months or further than your date of travel. In case you haven’t set a date of returning and the passport expires as you are overseas, you may renew the passport at the local Embassy of the United States or Consulate general.

Apply for visa

applying for visa online using a laptop

The first thing you should do is to visit the government website of the new country and see the backing documents you will require to share for the application. Visa will determine the kind of documents you send in. For instance, when applying for the UK student visa, you will have to share your offer letter copy and confirm that you have sufficient cash to support yourself in the period of your studying. You might also have to schedule an appointment with the U.S Department of Homeland Security application support center so you can share your biometrics.

Make early plans for healthcare

While living overseas, you will inevitably come across the health care system. Prior to moving, find out whether or not, your present healthcare provider will protect you while overseas. Ask the health experts for medical history and receive all the needed immunizations. You may have to know if the prescribed drugs are allowed in that state and if yes, find out if they are easily found, In case they are not, carry more of them during your trip.